The Camry Group is a Majority Women Owned Business founded in 1988 located in Islandia, New York. The company started out selling proprietary integrated EDI software to vendors that needed to trade with Sears and J.C Penney. Soon it became apparent that these vendors did not have the technical expertise required to efficiently implement EDI, and as a result The Camry Group EDI Service Bureau was born. The company has continued to evolve and adapt over the twenty-four years it's been in business. On a daily basis the service bureau sends and receives electronic transactions between their customers and their trading partners.

Biographies of the Founders:

Terri Boyle Miller - Partner, President

Ms.Miller is responsible for the overall management of daily operations and strategic growth. She has over twenty five years experience in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Sales, Support and Customer Service. Prior to joining the firm in 1989 as partner she held management positions at several IT firms and has been instrumental in building the service bureau and its offerings. She holds a B.A. from Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Todd Miller - Founder, CEO

Mr.Miller founded The Camry Group in 1988 and is a highly experienced IT professional with over twenty five years in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Project Management, Business Analysis, System Design and Installation. Prior to starting the firm he attended Stony Brook University and spent the early years of his career as Computer Consultant, System Sales Analyst and Programming Manager. He is both an author of articles and a regular speaker at industry trade shows on the topic of selecting and implementing EDI solutions.