Just as not all companies are the same, neither are all EDI solution vendors. Every company has its own distinctive personality and you should compare providers to determine which ones will best meet the needs of your particular organization. Many companies find EDI to be very complicated, technical and expensive so they choose to outsource this part of their business to a provider that is capable of not only handling their data but also seamlessly integrating into their existing operations.
One of the most important considerations in selecting an EDI solution is the service and support you will receive after you sign up. At a minimum your EDI provider should be available between major business hours by email, phone or web based contact. You should confirm that they have an excellent track record on getting back to their customers within a reasonable amount of time and since there are some "time sensitive" documents that incur penalties if not received on time and error free their ability to react quickly is imperative. To gauge an EDI system vendor's services it's always a good idea to request a few references.
When companies first consider an EDI solution they are often surprised to learn that different trading partners will require different 'implementations' of EDI. This means that each trading partner has its own unique "spin" on EDI. It is important that your EDI solutions provider understands these differences and has experience in dealing with the multitude of variations in EDI specifications.
Another important consideration is the long-term viability of your EDI system solution provider. How long have they been in business? Does the EDI system vendor have experience in your industry? How many customers have they serviced?